Friday, August 5, 2011

Long Time no Post ... Sorry

BTK here...

Last post May, 2010 .... and life keeps happening. I guess in a way that's good. Because if it stopped happening, lot's of things would stop. Most of them ..... not so good.

Anyway, some quick updates

  • BP and AP married in October, 2010

  • BW and M are soon to be engaged / married

  • Home remodeling to be completed by September 2, 2011

  • Will price the house for a quick sale, hopefully

I am well.... such as it is. Hope you are too. Unfortunately, nothing very exciting happens around here. I am one of those eat, sleep and work kinda guys. I am able to work from my home. Actually, my office is in my bedroom. My commute to work is 3 small steps. My mobility is limited. I drive with my hand controls and walk with a cane. I can only shop at stores that provide battery operated mobility scooters. My COPD limits my ambulatory range. Not too exciting a life. But, its mine.

Enough about me.

BW (with financial help from M) has been in Ireland since June 10. He is doing PhD discertation research at University City Dublin and the National Archives. Any of you who know BW surely know that when he went there he was "scary" smart. I can't imagine what it will be like when he comes home after nothing but study for two months straight. I will surely need Wikipedia to translate every conversation. He'll be home on August 15th and I'll be glad to see him. Gets a little lonely around here sometimes.

Back to the BW and M story. Since my last post, they have developed a VERY close relationship. That became obvious for sure when she offered to finance his trip to Ireland. All BW would say is that she told him that " she had been saving for a long time to help him". Nice, huh ?

M recently completed her course work and liscening exam to become a Nurse Practicioner. Armed with that and her other professional credentials as a Phychiatric Intake Nurse, she secured new position in Centralia, Il (250 miles southwest) which is approximately 50 miles east of St. Louis. She has already rented a home and moved to the area. Her new position commenced August 1st. BW will be helping to complete the needed remodeling here at my home and will be moving to join her as soon as possible after his return from Ireland.

I will then be moving on to my "new life"... more later

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